Tur: Too Many Whites At Trump Rallies

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

The Mainstream Media wants to stop being called "Fake News" and wants to have the reputation of being listened to implicitly again.

Leave it to MSNBC to dig themselves deeper into their pit of ineptitude by saying something like Katy Tur said in the video above.

"As someone who has been to a lot of Trump rallies, the vast majority of people there are White," said Tur.

So now we are classifying Trump supporters by race? Since when did that become important?

It never has and it never will.

This is once again another shot at President Trump essentially calling him a racist and not caring about the lives of any American that is not white.

To say this is biased and unacceptable journalism would be an understatement.

The party that claims they are just reporting the facts clearly has an agenda. But that does not surprise you at all does it?

Don't buy into this weak attempt at reporting and or analysis because this is all they have when it comes to this President. They do not cover him fairly nor accurately and by the looks of things they do not care what you think of how they do their job.

Unless of course you call them to the carpet for their nonsense and then they run to safety and claim they are just doing their job and they have a responsibility to report this to the world.

How about telling the truth and not shoving propaganda down our throats and going unchecked because you believe you have the moral authority and the moral high ground because of your profession.

You simply do not and you should be embarrassed to call yourselves any semblance of the word "professional." 

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