David Garcia Wants To Play The Race Card!

Democrat gubernatorial candidate David Garcia wants Americans of Hispanic descent to vote for him based on race. Hey, it worked for Obama! (See below.) However, Garcia's strategy is not sitting well with some fellow Hispanic Democrats.

From The Free Beacon (abridged)

A longtime Democratic operative in Arizona says he is disappointed that David Garcia, the frontrunner in his party's gubernatorial primary, has embraced a strategy of using his race to court Latino voters in the state.

Mario E. Diaz, a prominent political strategist in the state, says he thinks Garcia's aim of using his last name to win over Latino voters is both "insulting" and a "losing strategy." He says the strategy has been overtly clear.

"This is not a dog whistle, this has been a dog howl, they are making the Latino community feel compelled to vote for somebody with the last name Garcia, which to me is an insult to the Latino voter."

Uh Ohhhhh... 

Can Democrats embrace identity (racial) politics for a roadmap to Victory in Arizona? Not unless they are willing to punish Americans of Mexican descent who refuse to tow the line! Plus, does this mean that all white (Americans of European descent) Arizonians should vote for Governor Ducey?

I'm confused! Listen here to the podcast of segment discussed on The Conservative Circus.

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