Don Lemon Questions Minister Sent by God

Don Lemon grilled Pastor John Gray of The Relentless Church in Greenville, SC and could not understand why he would agree to meet with President Trump. 

Pastor Gray was just one of many black ministers who visited the White House for a meeting about faith and justice reform. He sat next to the President and then the unthinkable happened... The President of the United States asked Pastor Gray to pray for the meeting.

Oh no!

This was too much for Lemon! So, he invited the minister on to his show to humiliate, brow beat and shame him back into the fold. Lemon even made a reference to slaveowners letting black slaves congregate to learn about the Bible and religion because that "keeps people in chains." 

It was a sick display of all that is wrong with the black community. Corrosive Group Think.

"I can only speak for me," Gray said of the black religious community. "With everything that I could have lost and could still lose I believe that my voice was necessary because I was there for people who could not fight for themselves. That was my intention in my heart."

In other words, I believe God sent me to the White House.

The very spiritual Don Lemon then twisted scriptures in order to rebuke the pastor. "All I'm saying is turn the other cheek, fine, but sometimes if you keep turning the other cheek all you do is get bruises more and at some point, you have to say enough is enough."

Yes, Don, if you continue to turn the other cheek you might just get crucified like our Lord and Savior did. Enough was never enough for Jesus. This is why we have salvation through Him while you are a race baiting asshat.

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