Hey Lebron, Trump Ain't No Punk!

When will the Left learn that Trump ain't no punk!

Don Lemon and Lebron James are finding out the hard way that President Trump is a citizen first and leader of the free world second. In other words, don't start none won't be none, "This is America, B*tch!" - President Trump's foreign policy doctrine

I betcha neither Lemon or King James saw the bus coming but this President is not like all the others. You take him on and he will call you out come Hell or CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR, Hollywood et. al. Trump doesn't care if your are black, white, gay, midget or whatever. If you try to punk him, he will respond and I LOVE IT!

Check out the Tweet that took out Don Lemon and Lebron James at the same time. Also, The Amazing Lucas weighs in.

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