How Do You fight Racism? With This Guy!

Jesse Watters had his hands full Friday night. He invited comedian, conservative (and friend) Terrence K. Williams to talk about the New York Times’ recent controversial hire. 

The Times announced last week that it hired former Verge tech writer Sarah Jeong for its editorial board. Problem is, Ms. Jeong has a very controversial Twitter account with some very nasty and hateful, and dare I say, racist tweets directed at white people. Take a look here.

Enter Terrence K. Williams… For those of you who are not familiar with Terrence, he is the fried chicken eating Trump supporter whose first video in support of President Trump went super nova. He is irreverent, hilarious and politically incorrect. Jesse Watters should have known better, or maybe Watters knew exactly what he was doing because the shots Williams took against Sarah Jeong were an edgy caricature of Asian stereotypes. In other words, Williams fought fire with fire, something Watters and other Americans of European descent can’t do unless their name is Donald J. Trump.

Watch below.

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