Rosie O'Donnell Is Back With Broadway Style!


Rosie O’Donnell and dozens of Broadway stars lent some razzmatazz to the ongoing “Kremlin Annex” protest outside the White House on Monday night.

Rosie joined cast members from musicals including “Hamilton,” “Wicked,” “The Lion King” and “Phantom of the Opera” to sing numbers in protest of his presidency.

“We are so thrilled to be here at the ‘Kremlin Annex’ at night 22,” O’Donnell told the crowd. “Let the president know in no uncertain terms that we are alive, awake and we are woke. We are not going away.”

This reminds me of the nightly protest that happened in Madison, Wisconsin. The great unwashed occupied the capital for months. They were protesting Gov. Scott Walker’s Act 10. It passed and the Left lost it's mind. It was a precursor of what is happening nationally today. We need to hang in there and laugh! This too shall pass.

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