Moore: Trump will be the last U.S. President

Courtesy of Grabien and Michael Moore

The Left knows how to put its foot in its mouth on a consistent basis don't they?

Michael Moore has made another film depicting everything he finds wrong and unjust in the country he resides in. This time he has turned his attention to President Donald Trump and how unfortunate we all are living in a country he leads.

He calls to end the madness of this administration and says that Trump will be the last president this country will ever have. He is implying that our Republic will die and that some evil Empire with Trump as its dictator will take its place.

The Republic suffers when people like this simply don't get it. When a voting populace decides that individuals like Michael Moore actually move any needle of influence is a sad state of affairs.

Not only has President Trump made things better he has reversed all the gobbledygook put forth by the Obama administration and all the social agenda propaganda that has been plaguing this country.

If anything is helping the trend towards the end of the Republic it is the Left and their insistence to have total control and total order through its own iron fist of corruption and indecency. 

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