Maxine Waters Protest Instructions Mimicked!

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

The public protest and harassment of Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens seemed very organized and came out of no where very fast.

That is because it was planned in advanced and was probably funded and furthermore was influenced directly by an angry member of Democrat leadership!

Maxine Waters told everybody that this was going to happen!

In the video below her angry rhetoric spelled out what she wanted to have happen! 

Courtesy of REDPILLED

So I have to ask why now, after a public showing of blatant disrespect, will the Left not admit that they are complicit in their own actions or rage filed inanities?

The answer is because they are the party of resistance and feel that they are inherently allowed to spew such filth because they are "anti-Trump" and believe they are on the moral high ground.

If anything these hate filled words and despicable displays of protest show that they have once again taken the low ground and will follow it blindly until it leads them to the abyss they find themselves in.

By the way-didn't Obama tell everyone to get in people's faces too? That is what I thought! Just another failed notion from a failed President who did nothing and brought an entire Party to the brink of irrelevance! 

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