The Power Of Conservative Talk Radio

Whenever anyone asks me about the power of talk radio, I tell them about Officer Brandon Tatum and The Conservative Circus. Brandon was a liberal police officer in uber liberal Tucson, AZ... until he listened to The James T. Harris Show which was broadcasting in the same town. At first he thought, "This guy is a sellout," and he couldn't stand the sound of my voice. 

Then Officer Tatum decided to check out a Trump rally for himself and was shocked when the liberal media did not report the truth about Trump or the people who were attending the Trump rallies. At that point, he began to post Facebook Live videos documenting his observations. He began to listen to The Conservative Circus with new ears and realized that the show’s host (me!) was actually on point. 

That was a few years and more than 200 million views ago!

Brandon has become a conservative viral video superstar. He has #walkedaway from the Democrat Party, #walkedaway from the Tucson Police Department, and is now the Director of Urban Engagement for Turning Point USA, where he works with Charlie Kirk and Candice Owens (another young gun I spotted early in her rise). Now it's their turn, and they are about to rock the Republican establishment to its conservative foundation! Stay tuned, and stay tuned in to The Conservative Circus which can be heard weekdays 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm on News | Talk 550 KFYI in Phoeniz, AZ.

Oh, and to all of you folks who follow Brandon Tatum... 

You're welcome!  

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