WATCH Panelist On MSNBC Suggest What Trump Wants!

Michelle Goldberg of The New York Times appeared on MSNBC and made a rather shocking claim.

During a panel discussion regarding President Trump, the following conversation took place among Caitlin Huey-Burns of RealClearPolitics, John Podhoretz of Commentary, host Katy Tur, and Goldberg.


"These deranged MSNBC media leftist ideologues, particularly the NY Times openly anti-American racist columnists, writers, editors like Michelle Goldberg and Sarah Jeong, are not journalists, they're Republican hating, Trump hating, America hating propagandists, who espouses, tries to pass off their odious biased outrageously false incendiary opinionated political propaganda lies / unfettered malicious deranged hate as professional journalism.  To say they are mentally unhinged from reality is an understatement. This is exactly why the American people despise the so called MSMedia, and why Pres Trump has rightfully stated they are fake news, the enemy of the people, who ironically prove Pres Trump's stated accusation." - Comments section 

Nuff said.

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