CNN Plays Race Card Against Dead Americans

From CNN:

Triggered CNN host Chris Cuomo wonders whether Americans outraged over the death of Mollie Tibbetts would be as upset if the alleged killer was a white American instead of an illegal alien.

"White American."

Cuomo's monolog mirrors the sentiments of many on the left. They accuse Trump supporters of being opposed to immigration without cause and purposefully ignore the obvious. Every person who illegitimately immigrates to this country is illegal and is stealing from law abiding, taxpaying citizens.

Once in America they continue their illegality by simply living in a country with no legal status. EVERYTHING THEY DO IS ILLEGAL!

For Cuomo to go anti-white and anti-wealthy is typical but it is also sickening. He does not have the gravitas to lecture a nation that elected Donald Trump to address the very issue his ilk has politized for decades. America first is not just a fancy phrase. For Cuomo to put illegals first and demonize the families of children who have been murdered by criminals, who should not have been here in the first place, is despicable. 

In less than a week the Cuomo brothers have demonstrated their anti-American sentiments and have damaged the Democrat Party more than any Republican ever could.

For that "We the People" thank you.

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