CNN Suspends Conservative Pundit For Misconduct?

A little over 10 years ago I walked off of a live interview on CNN. (I believe that it was the first "live walk-off" in CNN's history.) I walked off because I was a set up. I famously dared Senator John McCain to ‘take it to Senator Barack Obama’ in the third debate of the 2008 Presidential Election and that McCain moment went viral. CNN then targeted me. First it was an interview with Don Lemon, which led to Kyra Phillips and the infamous walk off. (Watch here.)  Little did I know at the time that the liberal smear machine was a real thing. MSNBC, ABC and CBS all came-a-calling out of the clear blue sky. 


When I called out Barack Obama in a townhall rally it struck a chord across the nation and put in motion a search and destroy mission. The road map of the Art of the Smear was revealed. CNN et. al. sent a clear message back then and they are still doing it today: if you are a conservative or a Trump supporter, your views are welcome, but only in so far as they can turn you into a target for scolding, criticism, ridicule and mockery. If that doesn't work, you will be shouted down and humiliated - especially if you are speaking truth.

Paris Dennard is learning that lesson today.

Paris Dennard kicked Mudd's ass in this interview. He caused Phil Mudd to lose his mind and give up the game. That's a no, no... but not for Phil Mudd. Google Paris Dennard today and behold The Smear!

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