Flake: We will be sorry for "Party of Trump"

Courtesy of Grabien and NBC

Senator Jeff Flake is still going about his normal day acting as if his power and influence still matter as a lame duck. Quite frankly it does not.

It is well documented that Flake and Trump do not get along and it is widely accepted that Flake is not seeking r-election in 2018 because he does not want to work in a world where Donald Trump is his boss.

The "Party of Trump" has been a very successful administration that he does not want to be apart of because it goes against what the "status quo" has been for far too long.

Will the GOP regret backing Trump? Why would they!?

I think it will be you Mr. Flake that regrets not getting on board with the President and seeking re-election and keeping your cushy job where you can have public influence and a semblance of power!

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