Al Gore Tells Donald Trump to Resign?

Courtesy of Grabien and

"The Grand Pooh Bah of The Church of The Poisoned Mind" Al Gore came out in public to of course bash the current President Donald Trump.

I mean Al Gore is the beacon of light that needed to be shed on the job Donald Trump is doing right?

Climate change and global warming---two tired and old arguments that those "enlightened" enough to understand look down upon us simple folks and tell us how important and dangerous it really is.

Gore simply laughed off a question about advice for Donald Trump and simply told him to "resign" his position.

"He is not prepared to listen to advice on clean air and clean water," Gore said.

How about you "resign" yourself back to writing books and spreading your global warming nonsense to anyone who will listen.

President Trump has bigger, better and more important things to deal with than a former ex-Vice President telling him how to do his job and critiquing him on the supposed bad job he is doing.

Go home Mr. Gore---you can not see the forest for the trees.

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