Socialism Preys On Naive Youth

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

The concept of Socialism is not a new concept by any stretch in this country or even the world.

Yet for some reason there is this new crop of candidates and supporters of this failed concept that keep popping up in elections all over the United States.

Has Capitalism been replaced?

For now the country based around Capitalism is still successfully operating under its tried and true system. But those who want to change it are getting ready for the next generations of people and using them to propagate their socialist message.

With labor markets up and the economy humming along the anti-Capitalist sentiment is still trying to find a foothold for influence.

So Socialism preys on the youth due to their naivety and their willingness to go against "crony Capitalism."

Why so many people only see Capitalism as crony is a far greater fear as that is what is being taught down to other generations giving the perception to them that Capitalism must be replaced.


The education of future generations must be taught that Socialism is easily flawed and that the idea of "fair" is not any semblance of what real life is.

Ask how all the great ideas of Socialism will be paid for and the answer you will get is either the Government or that people will pay their "fair share."

Everyone being at the same level is not inspirational-- it is mediocrity that cripples motivation and any sense of wanting to work hard, self-improve and most importantly have a purpose.

Our youth deserve better!

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