The Dems Hypocrisy of McCain... 2007 vs 2018!

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

Wait hold on timeout....

The Left is actually being called out on one of their networks for their completely different treatment of John McCain between 2007 and 2018!?

That is exactly what Rep. Peter King (R-NY) is saying on MSNBC.

"Where were those politicians to come to his defense when he was compared to George Wallace implying that he was a racist," King said of the Left's treatment of McCain.

Where were those politicians backing all of his "bipartisan" decisions from the past decade?

They were nowhere to be found because they were in opposition to him.

This glad handing and giving pats on the back to John McCain is rather nauseating coming from a group that shows no respect for anyone and fins it convenient to back a former Senator who hated Trump.

And there lies the rub ladies and gentlemen. The Left shows their hand once again by backing a candidate who HATES TRUMP.

Do they really care about the life and times of John McCain? Some of them probably do.

But this is yet another example of the Left not letting a crisis go to waste or not letting a tragedy or an opportune time slip through their fingers to fit their own agenda of Trump bashing.

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