Nike Doubles Down Releases First Kaepernick Ad

posted by James T. Harris - 

Nike has released its first commercial with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick as its new “Just Do It” spokesman.

Colin Kaepernick Nike Spokesman.

The 2-minute spot, titled “Dream Crazy,” showcases an inspirational montage of athletes overcoming adversity to chase their dreams, with a voiceover by Kaepernick. He is also seen looking up at an image of the American flag on a building. “Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy, ask if they’re crazy enough,” Kaepernick says at the end.

It was at this point I almost barfed. I seriously felt a flash of anger then a queasy stomach. Nike has bet the farm on their black base. Will it pay off for them?

Watch the ad below then give me your honest reaction.


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