Media Worships The Return of Barack Obama

From mrc Newsbusters:

In awe over former President Obama delivering partisan attacks against the Trump administration and Republicans in a Friday campaign speech ahead of the midterm elections, MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin gushed: “For the past hour or so, it has been a flashback to a different time in this country. President Barack Obama – classic Obama.”

Worship for the Chocolate Jesus is back!

“We have been listening to the former president talk about policy, and we’ve listened to him crack a few jokes. There were a few fact checks during the course of that speech. A call to action as well,” Craig Melvin proclaimed early in the 1:00 p.m. ET hour as Obama concluded his remarks to a crowd of adoring supporters in Illinois. The anchor touted how “President Obama vowed to come off the sidelines and get back in the fight.”

Behold! The media has a new savior! Watch how they gush over the failed president. Here's the question: Has the Left left Obama behind?  The remergence of Coca Jesuś will tell us a lot.

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