Morning Joe asks Woodward to call Trump "Impaired"

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

Let the name calling of President Donald Trump commence!

That is the alarm for the Left to come aboard and speak their insults at Donald Trump.

Morning Joe was the latest to do so as he attempted to espouse his views onto Bob Woodward during an interview on Scarborough's show.

He tried time and time again in the video above to have Woodward call Trump "mentally unfit" and "impaired."

Woodward's response was that he was not a psychiatrist but that the actions of Trump must be analyzed by the American people and that is how he should be judged.

Morning Joe and many like him were visually not happy that someone did not get cornered into a soundbite moment calling Trump a name on national TV.

This is what the Left does!

Trump supporters are slammed for calling CNN and other media outlets "Fake News." However when the media calls Trump "mentally impaired", it is taken as commonplace and accepted?

Another vapid example of someone to not take seriously. EVER.

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