FAKE NEWS ALERT! (Even The Weather Is Not Real)

Do not believe your eyes. Do not believe your eyes, that is – If you are looking at the world through a television… Specifically, a television showing the news! Yes, the news! You know – the stuff we were told to believe.

It’s fake.

3000 people dead in Puerto Rico? When they come up with a body count of 3,000 then you see this, you know you are being lied to. 

Remember when Brian Williams saw dead floating by his hotel during Katrina? Fake news. He was on high ground and he still has a job on MSNBC.

Hillary Clinton landed in Bosnia under Sniper fire, yada, yada, yada. Be warned folks - you must question everything. Ask yourself – why am I seeing what I am seeing? You see, there is no more news on television. It is all propaganda. You are watching a state sponsored a TV show and are being misinformed for your entertainment.

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