"Spartacus" wants to be President. Good luck.

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

After the constant mockery that has become Cory Booker personified, the delusions of grandeur continue for Cory Booker if he actually believes he has a future after his sideshow he pulled at the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

His "I Am Spartacus" moment is simply a symptom of Democrat partisan tactics to further divide this country at every core level.

It is not the Republicans who want to divide but rather the Democrats, who claim they are for "the common man," who show the true divisions among us.

Booker might as well have called himself "The One" from The Matrix of "The Chosen One" from Star Wars to try and represent himself.

Don't get me wrong that would have epically failed just as much as "Spartacus" did.

But Booker's aspirations may be lost on the New Jersey turnpike because no one sees him as credible in any fashion.

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