Taco Bell Employee: "No Habla Ingles!"

So let me get this straight....

An employee at a Taco Bell refused service to a paying customer because the employee spoke one language and the customer spoke a different one.

So many questions arise from this statement.

Why was a Spanish-only speaking employee given the task of taking orders from presumably a customer base who has English has their language if use and choice?

The customer was not rude and simply wanted to order food so why was service refused? The employee claims that she did not understand what the customer was trying to order but then shows signs that she understood all along?

Let me turn the tables for a moment.

If a white person refused service to a Spanish speaking brown person and said "No Habla Espanol", in a country that predominately spoke Spanish as its language of choice and use, that would be deemed OVERT RACISM.

Sound the alarms of double standards!

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