Watch Keith Ellison Say Women Can Make Things Up!

Holy Double Standards, Batman!!!!

During a post-primary debate Friday evening on Twin Cities PBS’ “Almanac” program, Keith Ellison said, “There’s no telling what anyone will cook up,” when asked about allegations that he physically assaulted two women. He’s right, just ask Judge Brett Kavanaugh. 

Whether Professor Blasey Ford has cooked up her story or not, she isn’t acting like someone who hasn’t. Juanita Broderick is begging to tell her story to the senators. Ellison’s accuser will tell her story to nearly anyone or anyone who will listen. 

Not only do we have a double standard – one for conservative men and one for progressive men, we also have a double standard for conservative women and progressive women. Our leaders tell progressive women – we feel your pain, we beg you to share your truth. Our leaders tell conservative women – shut up and put some ice on it.

WATCH exchange below:

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