Graham: There Is A Coup Taking Place Vs Trump

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Rod Rosenstein dropped a bombshell saying he secretly taped President Donald Trump and wants to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.


Senator Lindsey Graham says this is a clear attempt at a bureaucratic coup against Donald Trump from inside our own Government.

Should this be a real surprise though after the Strzok/Page texts inciting this same kind of behavior against the President?

There are conspirators who want Trump out of office so bad that they will go about secretly taping the leader of the free world to do it.

Now the story is one-party consent may be used against Donald Trump in order for this to be credible.

But Rosenstein claims that he was "Joking" about doing such actions and his rebuttal is also on the record!

Senator Graham speaks for a lot of us that are calling it like it is---this is a blatant attempt to usurp power.

Whether or not to fire Rosenstein is still up for debate but the real shock is that our own Government will tear itself apart over one man who is trying to Make America Great Again.


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