So What If Kavanaugh Was At The Party?

What if Brett Kavanaugh was at the party? Would that make him guilty? Would he have been confirmed to the high court?

No. Houston we have a problem.

Few people have the sense or the nerve to just call Christine Blassy Ford an opportunistic liar, even though that’s exactly what I think she is. This is why President Trump doesn't drink. This is why good men like Vice President Mike Pence won't ever be alone with a woman other than their wife, to prevent this sort of accusation. 

Here's the problem, if evidence doesn't matter, if witnesses don't matter, if times and dates and places don't matter, then reality doesn't matter, and innocent is no defense.

Are we in the last gasps of the #metoo movement? If not, the feminist message that “men are bad” is seeping into our bones and the burden of proof is slipping.

We are there folks! This is a problem.


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