Red MEGA Hat vs. Black Victimhood

Wearing a red MAGA hat, Kanye West said black people are emotional, and liberals capitalize on that to tell us what is racist.


Those emotions are on full display as black pundits have been falling over themselves, to rush to CNN and MSNBC, to denounce Kanye West. The man who was once considered a genius when he denounced President George W. Bush, is now considered an imbecile for embracing Donald Trump.

In the video below, Niger Innis took on one of these angry liberals and the results were very telling. As Innis described some of the accurate, though unpopular points Kanye made at the lunch summit, you could see his opponent, Nina Turner, contort her face into the very essence of anger, resulting from dissonance.

With every word Turner spoke, you could see her anger mount as she struggled to reject an obvious truth...the truth that threatened her elitist understanding of the “black community.” Despite all of her programming and rigid talking point training, she was near the point of total meltdown.

Even when Innis tried to find common ground, he was rebuffed. Toward the end of the segment you could clearly see, from his facial expression, the moment Innis realized that he was speaking to a brick wall. In the grip of their emotions, no one, with whom he was trying to communicate, was capable of maintaining their dignity sufficiently, to agree to disagree. 

Where did Innis go wrong? He had facts, logic... but they failed in the face of emotion. Dissonance is powerful; denial runs deep.

“Black people are emotional, and liberals use that to tell us what is racist,” said Kanye.

Unfortunately many people who try to free black Americans from the bondage of liberal ideology don't realize that, when you attack the results of liberal policies in the black community, you are not attacking ideas, you are attacking identity.

Reality doesn't matter. Truth doesn’t matter. The sad fact is group think is real.  A disproportionate number of Blacks have assumed victimhood as their identity, because that is what years of the Democrat Party policies have conditioned them to be.

Nina Turner, Don Lemon, and all the emotional educated liberal black punditry can’t embrace the truth, because the truth is not who they are. They are stuck behind an invisible wall of their beliefs, and those beliefs are their identity. Additionally, very much as Margret Sanger wished, “colored ministers with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities,” push it down black throats on a weekly basis.

The Turners and Lemons cherish the victim mentality to some extent because it makes their success even more amazing to themselves, and their sycophants. Look at what they have overcome, for goodness sake! Their victimhood makes them superhuman. They have overcome obstacles their fellow victims could not. They wear their victimhood like a red cape, much like Kanye described that MAGA hat. The key difference:  Kanye’s MAGA hat generates wealth and prosperity, the black victimhood cloaks the ‘black community’ in helplessness.

 Once you rob victims of their victimhood, you rob them of everything! Excuses, explanations, aggrandizement… Everything. 

For decades the Democrat Party has been allowed to create black Americans' identity. Food stamps, public schools... dependency. When you try to argue against policy, you are perceived as attacking the person.

Hillary Clinton was right. You can't have a conversation with people when you are trying to rob them of their identity and their values. That is why you see so much indecency, incivility and racist savagery on cable news in the wake of Kanye’s visit to the White House. The overseers of the liberal plantation have a job to do. Capture or destroy the free-thinking runaway before others hear what he is saying and change the way they think.

That's MEGA!

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