Feckless Jeff Flake Wants To Make America Weak

From Seeing Red AZ

Republicrat Flake pompously lectures Republicans, telling us we need to remember what decency is and what it means to be conservative — as if the marginal Flake could comprehend concepts of such magnitude.

When Americans, who have waited in lines for hours to attend his rallies, cheer President Trump, Flake, who was frequently unable to draw a crowd, defines that as “unseemly.”

Seeing Red AZ nails this Flake to the wall. Jeff Flake is the very definition of milk toast. He is a weak, feckless moral misfit. He confuses weakness for compassion and compromise for strength. His devotion to John McCain is sycophant and now that McCain is gone Flake is nothing more than a soft, lost puppy afraid of his own shadow.

No Flake in 2020!

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