Claire McCaskill Campaign Lies to Get Elected

Project Veritas Action Fund has released a fourth undercover video from campaigns during this 2018 election season. This is the second report featuring staff from incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill's campaign. It exposes how McCaskill contributions from Planned Parenthood are delivered indirectly in order to not alienate moderate or pro-life voters.

I don't believe the system is broken. What we have is unscrupulous asshats with no integrity that desire power so much that they'll even lie about their core beliefs so they can get into office, and then lie some more about how they vote. If the consequences of some of these dealings were enforced, or those who voted for asshats like this pulled their head out of their assets and actually looked into their actions, they'd be in jail or not get elected. Not enforcing the law and voter apathy doesn't mean the system is broken, it just means people need to stay taking responsibility and dealing with the problems instead of being worthless.  (From the comments section.)



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