Claire McCaskill DESTROYS Claire McCaskill

From the Daily Wire

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill is calling on Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, the man with whom she is currently locked in a tight race, to investigate a politically damaging undercover video showing McCaskill staffers saying that she masks her more radical political agenda and that Planned Parenthood hides its donations to her campaign.

Before this request local media hadn't covered the story. Now it's all over Missouri!

"McCaskill's campaign said it will pursue legal action in connection with this incident," KMBC News reports. "The campaign is also asking for Attorney General Josh Hawley — McCaskill's Republican opponent — to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate violations of the state's Merchandising Act."

Good luck with that! This is politics not a business and you just got, got!  The Amazing Lucas weighs in and lowers the boom.


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