Democrats Believe America Deserve to Be Invaded

The thousands of illegals coming is an invasion to this country to take it over someday. We have to secure our borders or this country will be a third world country eventually. We can't pay for everyone.  We have to secure our borders!

However, listen to this nonsense from Karine Jean-Pierre of MSNBC.

Karine Jean-Pierre: “This is trump’s America now. This is what trump has done. This is the playbook of Donald Trump from 2016, and he told us back in July when the zero tolerance was put in place and they were separating children from their families. He thought, oh, this is great. He told us, the closing argument for the mid-terms will be immigration. We had heard more things were going to come on immigration. So this is how he sees things. It’s that small base but it still exists that he’s trying to stoke fear in and he’s trying to get them to come out. This is the play that he’s doing but I have to question though, we saw this happening last year in Virginia where it was ms-13 where the Republican candidate — and I remember living in Maryland having to see those ads over and over. It backfired on him. We saw that in P.A. ‘18. He started off with tax cuts. Guess what, tax cuts are unpopular so we really went in on awful, hateful immigration ads. And what happened? We won a seat that we should have had no business being competitive, we being Democrats. So they’re doing this and I think it’s going to backfire in some areas, especially in these swing congressional districts that we’re all talking about, that Democrats have a real chance of talking back. This is what he had decided, Donald Trump, months ago, that he was going to end on this hatemigration rhetoric.”

Okay. Whatever.

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