Unhinged Crazy Lady In Parking Lot At Home Depot


Behold! A crazy lady parked her car crookedly in the home Depot parking lot. Another driver parked his jeep right next to her, inside the lines. Just as he got out of his jeep, 'crazy lady' went off then fell into hate filled anti-man rant. During her first rant, 'crazy lady' said that he parked like a woman! 


Just as the gentleman decided to move his car, 'crazy lady' started in again on the poor guy questioning the size of his manhood! I know that I shouldn't assume but 'crazy lady' must be a liberal. She channeled her inner Hillary Clinton and went off on American manhood. I think the left has found a new star!

Just saying...

This is straight up unhinged behavior. You all be careful out there!

WATCH: Warning Language

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