Tucker vs Jorge Ramos On The Migrant Invasion

Things got strangely uncomfortable when Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked Univision anchor Jorge Ramos to state exactly how many caravan members HE planned to personally take in.

The look on Ramos face was priceless!

Ramos who is an outspoken leftist immigration advocate, appeared on Tucker Carlson's show remotely from the migrant mob camp in southern Mexico. Carlson's question came after Ramos made several comments defending the mobs members, including insisting unequivocally that none of them were from the Middle East. (Because he checked them all?) Ramos then tried to blame President Trump's immigration policies for the mob's exodus from Guatemala. Tucker wasn't having it. There was only one question he wanted answered and, in the end, Jorge Ramos was exposed for the fraud that he is.


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