Woman Gets Cut Off In Traffic For Supporting Trump

The incident took place on October 18th in Pompano Beach, Florida. A woman was followed off the freeway, cut off, and then verbally attacked! 

Why did this happen? What did she do to deserve such reckless actions? Wait for it... WAIT FOR IT...  The woman had two Trump bumper stickers on her car!   

She videoed the exchange.

Make no bones about it, this was an assault. This is serious business. This asshat can barely speak English but he sure knows the F-word and b*tch bombs and uses it to verbally assault this woman and show the left's true hatred toward women and white people.

Listen to what he says!!! "Take those stickers off your car." 

High-profile Republicans in restaurants, local Republican HQ's, trump supporters at rallies and protests and now innocent women in their cars? 

A line has been crossed.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. Do not let your guard down!


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