Campus Mob Mentality Spilled Into Democrat Party

I stumbled upon this old video when Charlie Kirk and Candice Owens of Turning point USA first started speaking on college campuses. Compare these college student mob behaviors to what we recently witnessed during the Kavanaugh hearings. As Spock on Star Trek would say... 


Campus liberalism has spilled into every aspect of our society. Last year Fleeces Talks headed down to Long Beach to see why everyone is mad at Turning Point. At the time Charlie Kirk and Candice Owens were fascists (according to the people that don't know anything about them) and had to be silenced.

There are amazing interviews in this video. All is not bad on college campuses, HOWEVER most of the common sense was shared by the children of immigrants. Lots of anger, lots of passion, little knowledge, no tolerance. In other words, mob rule. 

This is what the Democrat party has become.

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