‘Latina For Trump’ Kicked Out of Arizona Bar!

Well I know where I’m not going to have a cocktail anytime soon. No strike that-I know where I will never go to have a nice cocktail. I won’t and you shouldn’t patronize the River Run Bar in Ehrenberg, Arizona.

I’m not one for calling for a boycott normally but I just don’t like hanging out with racist, and that’s another reason I’m a Republican. Democrats once again prove that they are the racist among us!

According to the gateway pundit, it appears a liberal racist bartender kicked out a lovely Latina Trump fan. And he showed, in the process, the true nature of Never Trumper‘s.

From the Gateway Pundit:

Latina for Trump’ spokesperson and recent Congressional candidate in district 44 in California, Jazmina Saavedra, posted a video to her social media pages Friday showing she was kicked out of the River Run Bar in Ehrenberg, Arizona Thursday night because she was wearing a red “MAGA” hat.

The owner of River Run Bar told Jazmina to leave his establishment Thursday evening after she put on her red “MAGA” hat. 

Listen to the woman behind the bar ask the woman if she was even American? She responded, "yes" and the woman behind the bar said "well you don't sound like it." Yet it's supposed to be Trump and his supporters that are racists! 

“You’re not free to wear it in my place, I have the right to refuse service to you!” 

Yet Democrats didn't think that way when the Cake Bakery wanted to refuse service! If it were not for double standards the left would have no standards at all!


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