If You Are Black You Must Vote Democrat

As you know Black voters are a crucial factor in the Democratic Party’s fight for key Senate seats and governors’ mansions and some of the tightest statewide contests in this year’s midterm elections are Senate races in the Midwest, Florida and Tennessee. In each of them, Democratic hopes rely heavily on their ability to turn out Black voters.

Will they?

The Black demographic is traditionally Democratic. Pollsters believe that Black support was an important and overlooked factor in Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss to Donald Trump. They may be right, but the reason black folk didn't show up to vote for Hillary was because she is white. If the candidate isn't black, vote totals will remain depressed, and the Democrat party’s hill to climb becomes much steeper.

The party has 10 senators up for re-election in states Mr. Trump carried. To take control of the Senate, it must save all of them and flip a net of two Republican-held seats. Here's the problem all of those senators are not black. Doubt me?

Oprah, Diddy, Simone Sanders... Who are they campaigning for and why?


Why is Diddy endorsing Gillum? Cause he black.

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