This Is Why We Love President Donald J. Trump

I don’t care if Trump is not acting presidential, the media has been beating him down every day for the past two years! And the people who like to race bait and say "he only picks on black reporters" did you not see the verbal beat down he put on Jim Acosta and his beta boyfriend? President Trump ain’t no punk! He doesn't care what color you are, if you ask something stupid he will let you know.

Trump is an equal opportunity ignorance basher.

I’m glad the President is calling the media out. President Lincoln was the same way. He shot from the hip and that’s why he wasn’t well liked by the Democrats and the journalists of his day. Being politically correct means falsifying the truth. Alpha males don't need to fake the funk.

This is why we love President Trump. He doesn't suffer fools!

 Give them Hell President Trump!


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