The Path Forward Paved With Laughter & Forgiveness

This is what is all about. I usually don't acknowledge Left Wing SNL but I'm making an exception today. Last week comedian Pete Davidson made a bad joke at Lt. Com Dan Crenshaw's expense. Crenshaw is a bonified war hero and mocking the man’s injury sparked a rare moment of bi-partisan disgust.

This week SNL apologized to Crenshaw and invited him on the show. This bit is hilarious but more importantly it was truly American and demonstrated how Americans should treat each other even if they disagree with each other.

They sat side-by-side. Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw and Pete Davidson. Two people with nothing more in common than the fact that they are Americans. 

But there is more – both men have lost something precious in acts of heroism. Pete lost his dad, and Dan lost an eye. When Pete’s dad went running into a burning building on 911 he didn’t go into it to save only Democrats, when Dan fought overseas he didn’t just fight for Republicans.

Last night, these two men showed us all the path forward – if we pave it as they have done – with laughter and forgiveness – we can keep moving this country FORWARD!



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