The Democrat Magic Ballot Tour Continues In AZ

We all know that Democrats will do whatever they have to do to win. Not only does Adrian "big shoulders" Fontes not answer the question, he pretty much admits that he opened the door to fraud with his Emergency Voting Centers. 

Our questions are not being answered! Why are we doing things differently in Arizona with this election than we did in prior elections? Why do only Democrats profit from ballot chaos? Is the push toward early voting and mail-in ballots worth all the long lines, confusion and fraud that it produces? 

Democrats lack of respect for the rule of law and their open contempt for the will of the voter is nauseating. I am getting sick and tired of Democrat duplicity when it comes to the ballot box.

Voting only gets convoluted when Democrats are losing. Milwaukee finds ballots, Governor Scott Walker (R) loses. Georgia finds ballots! Florida finds ballots! Arizona finds ballots! Thousands of ballots just found weeks after the election, and gee whiz, they all favor Democrats!


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