69 Year Old Man Self Identifies as 49. Lib Genius?

From The UK Telegraph

A pensioner (retired) has begun a legal battle to be recognised as being 20 years younger than his actual age so he can go back to work and achieve greater success with women on Tinder.

Emile Ratelband, 69, argues that if transgender people are allowed to change sex, he should be allowed to change his date of birth because doctors said he has the body of a 45-year-old.

The entrepreneur and self-help guru is suing his local authority after they refused the amend his age on official documents. The case has caused controversy in his homeland, with the Dutch edition of Vice, a news website, asking, "Is Emile Ratelband disturbed or accidentally extremely woke?"

I think Emile Ratelband is liberal genius, or at least an opportunist. If white people (Shawn King and Rachel Dolezal) can self-identify as black. If men can self-identify as women and use the little girl’s bathroom, why can Mr. Ratelband self-identify and younger man? 

However, liberalism is a mental illness. There's no other explanation. However, society is listing leftward! 

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