Kyrsten Sinema Flips Arizona Senate Seat

From The AP

The blue shift alters the trajectory of Trump’s next two years in the White House, breaking up the Republican monopoly in Washington. It also gives Democrats stronger footing in key states ahead of the next presidential race and in the redrawing of congressional districts — a complicated process that has been dominated by the GOP, which has drawn favorable boundaries for their candidates.

The AP fails to mention the the courts, still dominated by the left, has blocked Republican's redrawing of congressional districts. AZ losing the Senate race is huge. As the dust settles we will get a better read on the what, when and why but in the meantime watch Kyrsten's post-election speech. Listen to who she holds up as an inspiration! If Gov. Dicey appoints Martha McSally to John Kyle's temporary Senate seat in 2019, behold McCain / Flake 2.0. 



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