That Time George H.W. Bush Owned The Media

From Power Line Blog:

In January 1988, Bush appeared on a five-minute segment with Rather, who had planned to ambush the vice president regarding how much he knew about the Iran-Contra affair. Bush had denied direct involvement in the scheme to sell arms to Iran in exchange for the release of U.S. hostages and use of the proceeds to pay for aid to the Nicaraguan Contras, whom Congress had forbidden the Reagan administration from helping. Bush’s media tormentors loved the possibilities: either Bush was involved, which would mean he had lied, or he was not involved, which would mean that he was out of the loop as vice president.

Bush, however, had no intention of falling into this trap

Knowing what we know today about how the mainstream media works, this clip is fascinating! Back in the 90's the concept of a biased media was not popular. Watch Dan Rather get out maneuvered and owned by papa Bush. I see elements of both Trump and Acosta in this clip. The difference between now and then is that with Trump, the media no longer pretends to be fair and objective. This clip is a behind the scenes look at how the game used to be played. 


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