What the Media Is Not Telling You About Paris

From NewsBusters:

This week, we have seen how the networks avoided the connection of Les Gilet Jaunes or Yellow Vest protests in Paris to the global warming ideology promoted by French President Emmanuel Macron (which led him to impose a fuel tax that he was forced to back away from). However, another bit of misreporting from much of the mainstream media involves properly identifying who it is during these Yellow Vest protests that are doing the looting and desecration of monuments with graffiti.

You guessed it, the left is on the march in Paris and now other cities in Europe are burning. Antifa is taking advantage of the protesting and are trying to co-op the cause. This is not a surprise, this is what the left does however; one thing is very clear... The elites in Europe and America are starting to realize that "We the people" are not fooled by their globalist agenda. Taxing the middle class in the name of global warming is done. Politics makes strange bed fellows.

Bye bye Macron! Next?


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