LeBron James Says Stupid Slave Stuff... Again!

What makes an icon like LeBron James act like a victim and use the race card so readily? LeBron is either a racist or he’s an elitist who feels so guilty he’s amassed so much wealth and fame that he needs to invent ways to relate to average black people. - Carl Jackson

I think he is both. I also think that outside of basketball, LeBron James is a very dumb man. I don't mean to insult him, but he reminds me of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. They both have a penchant of saying truly stupid things and feel no shame in sharing their stupidity with the world. They feel the need to use their platform to spread ignorance. They have no concept of "stay in your lane!" Yes, they have a right to say stupid stuff and I have a right to point it out.

What LeBron James said about the NFL and "slave mentality" are the utterances of an uneducated, ignorant, moron. I think The Amazing Lucas agrees! 


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