WARNING! Transgender Man Goes Crazy In GameStop!!!

"That's not your mother... That's a man, man!" -Austin Powers

After allegedly being called "sir" an unhinged "woman?" yelled at a GameStop employee before storming off! Oh, how I wish that I were there!

Transgender "Call me sir again let’s take it outside!” Me: “Sorry sir but I was raised not to hit a woman?” Haaaa Hahahahahaha! 

Are we supposed to accept other people's crazy? This is an offshoot of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Liberals getting triggered over having their sycophant worldview challenged. It causes them to lose their damn minds! HOWEVER, will we the sane one day be jailed for not "properly" addressing the insane by their preferred pronoun?

Grab the popcorn! This is going to be one hell of a ride!


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