"I'm going to get me a beer." - Elizabeth Warren

"I'm going to get me a beer." 

From the Boston Herald: U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s livestreamed New Year’s Eve chat — featuring the former Harvard prof cracking and swigging a beer — is being widely panned as inauthentic pandering, with some political operatives calling it a desperate effort to compete with young contenders.

Ha! Not quite... it's worse than that.

What we are seeing here is another Harvard elitist trying to act like something they are not... common.  Warren's beer moment is her channeling Sen. John Kerry's common man gaffe. Back in 2004 Sen. Kerry, with a campaign entourage in tow, went into a grocery store and asked the owner: “Can I get me a hunting license here?” Does the French speaking John Kerry ordinarily speak this way? No. His language sounded fake and patronizing — as if he was pretending to talk like someone from rural Ohio. 

Whether Warren was ‘pulling a Beto' (progressive Beto O’Rourke) or was patronizing the middle class, her beer moment was just the latest in a long line of out of touch white liberals trying to connect to 'we the deplorable.'

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