Kids Still Being Used To Propagate For The Left

Courtesy of, YouTube and Grabien

In the video above children are interviewed by a feminist about abortion.

Let us stop right there and simply ask why children are even being put in this situation to learn about abortion and or know about abortion and furthermore have any semblance of an opinion or thought about the concept itself?

Now that that question has been asked---THIS IS ABSURD ON EVERY LEVEL.

The Left conveniently decides that they must force their mindset on the issues they care about down people's throats. If you disagree with them you are considered "wrong" and in need of training to get you to think like they do.

This is exactly what is happening right here!

These kids are being exposed to a topic and asked to give an opinion. If they disagree with the interviewer, who has a clear agenda, then they are corrected and told what is the correct way of thinking!

This kind of behavior is happening everywhere! The Left simply must meddle in the lives of everyone to make sure their message is heard and accepted.

The truth is that the Left does not see this as a big deal and that is far from the truth. This kind of rhetoric must be stopped and we must not let our children be manipulated for their propaganda! 

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