Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: "Call me a radical"

Hold on to your wallet! The woman who couldn't afford to rent an apartment in D.C. knows how to better spend your money!

This is class warfare, folks! It's not coming... IT'S HERE!

This is the woman who was talking about "three chambers of government! The presidency, the senate and the house." This is the woman who said that after she got inaugurated to Congress, she was going to sign healthcare into law! She also said that the upper middle class doesn't exist anymore and chastised Israel over its occupation of Palestine.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez does not know what she is talking about but that doesn't matter! 

The left is going to put millions/billions of dollars behind Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's brand. The left will tell her the words to say and give her the legislation to present. She has no words of her own that make sense, so they will be handed to her. 

Getting liberals to like her positions is the ultimate goal of the Progressive puppet masters. It is unwise for us to underestimate this woman's stupidity. You don't need a brain to a politician, all you need is the ability to read and if you are attractive, Katy bar the door! 

This is why the Freshman Congresswoman will be seen in Prime Time this Sunday on 60 Minuets! She is the new face for the House Democrats! Beware!


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