In Case You Missed It: Rep Johnson's Hitler Moment

In case you missed it, here is a compilation of Congressmen Hank Johnson campaign President Trump to Hitler.

Of course, Rep. Johnson denies that he made the comparison:

“What I did was compare the times that we live in to the times that existed at the time Hitler gained power. I mentioned the fact that he gained power through democratic elections the same way Trump did. He castigated Jewish people, Polish people, Hungarians — anyone who he could scapegoat,” Johnson said.

Ha! Okay!!

He continued, “At a time when the German people were hurting from the Great Depression and the stock market dropped — that great 1929 stock market crash. The parallels that I drew between what happened in Germany and what could happen here in America is the point that I was making not comparing Trump to Hitler.”

Right. Okay... Got it!

“But comparing the times that we live in now to the times back then and what happened as a result of people thinking that the worst could never happen — including the Jewish people. Jewish people are on record saying that they did not think that Hitler meant what he said.”

Tell you what... I’ll just post his comments, you decide!


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