Lefty War Against Plastic Straw Leads To Violence

Behold that dark magic of unintended consequences.

Before politicians ban things in the name of saving the world, I wish they’d take the trouble to actually study what good the ban would do. While plastic garbage in oceans is a real problem, it's not a problem that "We the People" have caused. Most of the  world's ocean pollution comes from Asia. A small amount does come from America, and of that only a small fraction of that is from plastic straws.

Never the less, leftist blue states are banning straws.  It might make liberals and politicians feel good, like they are saving the planet or something; however, in reality, a liberal straw ban accomplishes nothing environmentally and leads to unintended consequences.

Case in point, violence!                   

A simple drinking straw led to a wild brawl in a McDonalds when a man in the restaurant was informed that drinking straws were only available to customers who ask for them. The man became so angry that he grabbed the female worker across the counter in a straw induced rage! 

Just think about the potential for wide spread violence when the Left outright bans the use of plastic straws! 

Too bad there's no constitutional protection for the use of plastic!


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